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Endometriosis affects females of the reproductive age. The inner lining ofthe uterus is called endometrium. This inner lining is normally built up monthly and shed during the period. Endometriosis consists of this type of endometrial tissue being found outside the uterus, in various areas. It usually manifests itself as nodules, lesions, implants or growths. More […]

New Endometriosis Research

New endometriosis research indicates that the endometrial tissue which is in the endometrial cavity or other organs finds blood supply through angiogenesis, development of vessels, which results in inflammatory reaction and cytokine release and induction of TF (tissue factor). In order to eliminate TF a new compound called ICON (Immuno Conjugate).

In the sequence of clotting […]

Ovulation Induction

Lack of ovulation is the most common cause of female infertility. By inducing ovulation, a mature follicle can be developed and released. Half of all female infertility cases are related to lack of ovulation or irregular ovulation. Development of a primary follicle which is mature and ready to be released can be verified by a […]