Patient Information

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Procedure Information
Tubal Reversal
We perform this as an out-patient procedure.

Health & Wellness
Quick Help For Endometriosis
Medical and surgical treatments.

Women’s Cancer Network
Information on ovarian, breast, uterine and cervical cancer, from the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists.

Information from the National Cancer Institute, including fact sheets, research information and treatment guidelines.

Intelihealth: Cancer
Cancer information from Johns Hopkins University.

Cancer: What you need to know
Publications from the National Cancer Institute contain thorough information on many types of cancer

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer: Detection & Symptoms
From the American Cancer Society

Who gets breast cancer?

The North American Menopause Society’s education pages
Basic facts about menopause & management of menopause, along w/answers to faqs.

Intelihealth’s Q&A on Hormone Replacement Therapy
From Johns Hopkins University

The National Osteoporosis Foundation

Osteoporosis Patient Education
Fact sheets on Osteoporosis from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Bone up on Osteoporosis!
Health AtoZ’s Osteoporosis Center includes a helpful diary.

The Pregnancy Zone
Johns Hopkins University’s Intelihealth.Com’s Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy and Reproduction Center
Mayo Health O@sis

Health’s Pregnancy & Early Childhood Development Resource Center


Depression/Mental Health
Talk to Someone Who Can Help
Information on stress, depression, and other issues, from the American Psychological Association.

Depression: What Every Woman Should Know
Information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment from the National Institute of Mental Health

National Foundation For Depressive Illness
Information on causes, symptoms and treatment of depressive illnesses.

Family Violence
The Family Violence Prevention Fund
Information on awareness efforts, facts about domestic violence and personal stories from survivors.

NOW and Violence Against Women
Information from the National Organization for Women on their advocacy efforts to stop violence against women

Take Wellness to Heart
American Heart Association on heart disease and stroke
Heart Disease is one of the leading killers of American Women on heart disease and stroke
Heart Disease is one of the leading killers of American Women