Is the Procedure Affortable?

Since I have been performing this procedure for over two decades and have been improving the procedure steadily, the results have greatly improved. In response to many of my patients’ request we have introduced a discount. The prepaid fee is $3000, the hospital charge (courtesy of De Paul Health Center) is also $2500, and the anesthesia fee is $500. The total of $5300 is paid in advance. Before any of this, however, we have a phone consultation with you to discuss your specific situation to answer your questions and concerns.

We can also assist you in the process of making financing arrangements.

How to Proceed

The first step is to obtain your op-report from the hospital or surgery center where your tubal ligation was done. After a review of this we can determine the condition of your tubes and be able to proceed.

Our office phone number is (314) 291-2140 in St. Louis, Mo. (Fax: 314-344-7159) and (636) 928-1800 in St. Peters, Mo. (Fax: 636-928-2226).

I will be available to answer your questions Mondays through Fridays 9 am to 5 PM. For more information about Dr. Hazan and his full range of services visit!