New endometriosis research indicates that the endometrial tissue which is in the endometrial cavity or other organs finds blood supply through angiogenesis, development of vessels, which results in inflammatory reaction and cytokine release and induction of TF (tissue factor). In order to eliminate TF a new compound called ICON (Immuno Conjugate).

In the sequence of clotting cascade the TF (tissue factor) would initiate clotting in the inner lining of the blood vessels of endometriosis. But normal blood vessels never contain TF and since the TF in endothelial cells of blood vessels in endometriosis does not lead to clotting this would be a non- clotting type of TF. ICON (Immuno-Conjugate) is a compound that very strongly binds endothelial TF. This agent contains two mutated Factor VIIa molecules mutated to not enhance clotting. These are attached to an immunoglobulin molecule and bind TF very strongly.

Upon binding the TF in the endothelial cells of endometriosis lesions, ICON recruits NK (natural killer) cells which destroy the endometriosis lesions. In lab this research shows promise as it has not caused side effects. Human trials could prove this to be a promising new approach of this research which is conducted at Yale University.


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