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– Joseph Hazan, M.D., OB-GYN

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Dr. Hazan has delivered over 6,000 babies, so yours will be well taken care of! Dr. Hazan is a Tuboplasty expert with over 30 years extensive experience of great results.

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Dr Hazan has served as a professor at Washington University School of Medicine and the St. Louis University School of Medicine

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With two locations and easy appointment scheduling, Dr Hazan wants his patients to have the best experience possible!

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Dr. Joseph Hazan understands that trusting someone with your personal care to a new OB/GYN is no easy task.

Board certified with over two decades of experience, Dr. Hazan has seen thousands of patients in his career. He prides himself on giving each patient the personal attention they deserve while providing his professional expertise.

In addition to his board certification, Dr. Hazan is a clinical instructor to OB/GYN students at Washington University Medical School. He is also affiliated with St. Louis University Medical School, and on staff at over six area hospitals.

That’s experience you can count on!

What is a Tuboplasty?

A tuboplasty is a medical procedure performed to reverse the effects of a tubal ligation, or to repair an obstructed fallopian tube. This procedure can increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant.

What Is a Tubal Reversal?

A tubal reversal, also known as tubal ligation reversal, is a specific type of outpatient tuboplasty procedure that reopens the fallopian tubes after the tubes have been blocked by a tubal ligation procedure. (Tubal ligation is often referred to as having one’s “tubes tied.”) Tubal reversal is the best way to restore fertility to women who have had a tubal ligation. After a tubal reversal, natural conception can take place.

What To Expect From a Tuboplasty Procedure

Tuboplasty is an outpatient procedure; patients can leave the facility after surgery. They are also allowed to eat and can engage in light activities, like walking, that same day. Patients who have sedentary jobs can usually return to work in about a week or two, but patients who have physically demanding jobs may find that they need a little longer to recover. The procedure requires a small incision around two inches long that will be in the middle of the lower abdomen, usually around the bikini line. It heals quickly, usually within six-to-eight weeks.

Tubal Reversal

How is a Tubal Reversal Performed?

Prior to a tubal reversal procedure, your doctor may recommend that you and your partner complete a physical examination. This is done to rule out any mitigating factors that may prevent a woman from becoming pregnant even after the surgery. Doctors may go about performing a tubal reversal in several ways. In some instances, doctors may use robotic or laparoscopic surgical equipment, make a small incision in the abdomen, and reconnect the fallopian tubes this way. (Robotic and laparoscopic equipment come with tiny cameras attached that allow doctors to see.) Or, doctors may decide to make a small decision in the abdomen in order to remove blockages within the tubes, or repair scar or damaged tissue along the tubes. Tubal reversal typically lasts about 2-3 hours and is an outpatient procedure. Recovery time may vary.

Another common form of tubal reversal is transcervical “balloon tuboplasty.” This method uses a balloon that is inserted into the woman’s vagina and through the cervix until it reaches the fallopian tube. Then, the balloon is inflated and effectively clears the blockage.

What is the Success Rate for Tuboplasty?

The success rate of this procedure depends on several factors. When we evaluate our patients for possible tubal repair, we review the report of the tubal ligation to determine the feasibility and potential success rate in their particular case.

However, since most women who have had a tubal ligation have no other fertility problems, reopening their tubes is often sufficient to restore fertility. This will give them a chance to conceive every month.

The length of time it takes to conceive depends on the individual, but most patients find that they can get pregnant within six months after the surgery. In some cases, it can take up to a year. Conception success rates after tubal ligation reversal procedures are as high as 65% one year following the tubal reversal.

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Patient Testimonials

I would like to thank Dr.Hazan for the chance to have 2 more children. I had a tubal reversal done in March of 2008. I had my second child in April of 2009. I later became pregnant in 2015 and I recently gave birth to my 3rd child. I didn’t have any complications and had her at the age of 42. So,if you would like to have more children a tubal reversal is possible with amazing results. Age didn’t even seem like a factor because I had the tuboplasty done at 35 years old. I saw Dr.Hazan at his DePaul office during both pregnancies. I would highly recommend him and his knowledgable staff for your ob/gyn needs.
Verified Patient
I liked Dr Hazan right away. He’s seems very kind and professional. I was at ease with him. His staff is professional and very friendly which is important to me. A doctor can be a great doctor, but if his staff is abrupt and rude I won’t return. I highly recommend Dr Hazan – and his staff.
Verified Patient
Dr. Hazan has always been wonderful! My mother and I have gone to him for years. He makes an uncomfortable situation as quick, easy, and comfortable as possible. He also takes the time to ask questions and listen to any concerns, offer advice, and explain any necessary treatments. The staff are awesome too!
Verified Patient
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hazan’s for 30 years! Which proves I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. My two daughters even go there now. He’s delivered 6 of my grand babies! I just hope he doesn’t retire before I do! He’s very good at what he does and always answered all my questions. He is genuinely concerned for my well being and that of my daughters! A+ from me!!
Verified Patient
I have been a patient of Dr. Joseph Hazan since 2006. Had tubal reversal done in early 2006 and conceived 6 weeks after reversal. My beautiful daughter was born in November 2006. What a easy success that was! Dr. Hazan also delivered my other beautiful daughter in February 2013. I can not say enough praise about the services Dr. Hazan has provided for myself, family and friends. Defiinatly a hands on, personal, caring, and exceptional doctor. I love Dr. Hazan as well as his entire staff.
Verified Patient
I had a tubal ligation in my late 20’s and believed I would not be having anymore children. But in my 30’s my husband and I decided we wanted more children. After speaking with Dr. Hazan about a reversal, we made the appointment. We were pregnant within a short time. We were blessed with a baby girl and 3 years later were blessed again with a boy. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to go to Dr. Hazan. My family wouldn’t be complete without his exceptional work.
I hope that anyone that needs a reversal has the same opportunity as I did to choose Dr. Hazan. There is no one better.
Verified Patient
Wonderful tubal reversal patient! Surgery Nov of 2016 pregant January of 2017! Currently 10 weeks dr. Hazan has been wonderful in helping me and my husband have a blessing of our own!!! Thank u so much!
Verified Patient
Thank you Dr Hazan for making our dream of having a child come true. I never thought this would be possible until running across your name on the internet. You and your staff always made us feel so comfortable and we always received top-notch care. Now we are happy parents of little Hunter and he is perfect!!! You are an angel and I will always tell everyone about how you are the one that made this possible.
Verified Patient
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