IMG_1430Joseph Hazan, M.D., FACOG has been performing successful tubal reversal procedures for over thirty years. During the past couple of years the Advanced Tubal Reversal performed has been improved and become more affordable.

A new surgery center with state of the art facilities has made recent reduction in pricing more affordable to serve patients better.

This the Advanced procedure is designed to help restore tubal patency and function. This provides you the opportunity to conceive with every cycle.

Tubal Ligation Reversal is also known as Tubal Reversal. The advanced procedure is simply the best way to restore fertility to women who have had a previous tubal ligation.

Once tubal patency is restored, then the natural conception process can occur with natural cycles.

Your first step is to contact Dr. Joseph Hazan at 314-291-2140 and let him know you’re interested in becoming pregnant again. This will start you on your way to gaining new insight and hope which will help you greatly.